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Where is your caviar from?

Where is your caviar from?

Companies say they have their own sustainable farms, but do they?

Many are simply re-packers, re-branders and resellers claiming to have their own full-scale operations.

They have even been caught buying caviar from countries like China and repackaging it to sell to Michelin-starred restaurants as their own.

These companies are middle-men at best.


Under the golden sunshine in Northern California is where all the stages of our caviar from production to distribution. The farm, owned and operated by legendary caviar producer Tsar Nicoulai, is why we are able to preferential quality and sustainability for all others. We are not here to sell the most caviar we are here to sell the best caviar. 

By spawning all of the sturgeon in our own hatchery, we able to maintain our own unique White-Sturgeon genetics.  These beautify prehistoric fish, who swam with the dinosaurs 200 million years ago are the largest freshwater fish in North America and swim free just 10 miles from our farm in the natural habit of the Sacramento River. 

The love our farmers show the fish is apparent when visiting the farm and seeing the fish swim in cool clean 50 foot diameter open air tanks. farmer raise these fish for over a decade show love create custom feed an ultra premium NLAP non-GMO fish feed, never given growth hormones, and do not receive antibiotics. The farm’s innovative practices, led by the amazing team Tsar Nicolai Caviar, are rooted in the California ethos and keep us on the forefront of technological advances for sustainable farming. 

Our farm touts the “Only Eco-Certified Sturgeon Farm in the USA”, along with having the only CCOF/USDA Organic Aquaponic Greenhouse, all powered by our native White Sturgeon. During the summer, the natural aqua plants cool the fish while the same plants organically filter the pure well water that fills the tanks. Paired with the California sun and a natural ecosystem, our fish enjoy a free-range environment. 

We take no shortcuts. The superior taste and quality of our caviar is undeniable. 

Our name is our name.



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