Who We Are

Kilo Caviar is for the dreamers and dreams are real. Founded upon the tenets of integrity, loyalty, honor and respect. These are the words that forget ordinary people.

For those who were told no and against the odds overcame it all. We don’t seek the approval of the old guard. We would rather become so successful that we expose the irrelevance of their approval. For those whose birthdays were their worst days. For all of us that don’t have to dream anymore, we celebrate everyday.

This life of ours, this a wonderful life. 
Kilo is here to remember the little moments, like this, that were good.

What We Do

From our farm straight to your door in 24hrs, we provide direct access to the best curated Award winning Caviar in America. Our handcrafted custom small batch American Caviar is produced without the use of any antibiotics, growth hormones, gross, or synthetic preservatives, all while advancing the highest levels of sustainability. By managing our own brood stock and spawning, we control our fish lineage and maintain unique grades of caviar - Estate, Select, Reserve, Golden Reserve, and Crown Jewel.

The Selection